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Accountability Masterminds

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The Secret that all great executives and leaders don’t talk about is mastering personal accountability. 


That is what Accountability Masterminds™ is all about. 

 For too long Mastermind Groups have been for the super-rich and elite, but with Accountability Masterminds™, we provide a platform where personal accountability can be facilitated, through powerful Mastermind Sessions™ that drive dynamic, engaging, business-altering, and even life-changing results. 

What Makes Each Mastermind So Impactful?


We follow the 4Cs of Accountability™, which has been highlighted on Forbes, as a consistent model of driving reliable results for all participants


Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


Accountability is a forward-thinking process in business and in life. Part of each session focuses on the business strategy and how to move the business into the next two quarters of growth through strong accountability measures.


All businesses need money, sales, and revenue. In any MasterMinds Session, Accountability has to drive into how can we drive better sales into the business and ensure the engine of the business is working. Without sales, there is no growth and with no growth there is no success. 

"What are the clients saying!"



Don Markland is the Founder of Accountability Masterminds™ and CEO of Accountability Now™. He is a Forbes.com Contributor in Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Business Development.


He is a regular industry consultant and speaker on sales, leadership, and technology being featured at the Empowered2Coach Conference, DataPath Connections Conference, and DomoPalooza Conference. He has worked as an executive with companies like Amazon, State Farm, DirecTV, US Bank, CenturyLink, and more and was named to Utah Business Magazine’s Top 40 under Forty for his entrepreneurial work in 2015. 

Is this You?:

• You have the desire to make a change but can’t seem to hold yourself accountable on your own


• You try but continue to fail. 

• You've tried doing it on Your own over and over and continue to fail and simply need a coach but can’t afford $3,000 a month. 

It is ONLY for two types of people:

Or Is This You?

• You're a business owner, entrepreneur, college student, or future entrepreneur, that want to take your business, creative ideas, and personal accountability to the next level

• You want to join a super-elite MasterMind group but don’t have the cash to support that

• You need to change NOW but don't know how

Who is Accountability Masterminds™ For?

Hurry and Start Your Journey Before It’s Gone!
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