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As your business evolves, so too must your strategy. Our annual strategy event consulting and facilitation services provide the tools and guidance you need to set your company up for long-term success. Let our experienced consultants help you create a roadmap for growth and navigate any challenges along the way.

The Power of Clarity

Clarity is a crucial element of effective strategy, and we make sure to prioritize it in our sessions. By taking the time to fully understand your business and goals, we can help you create a clear and concise plan of action. With a clear strategy in place, your team will be better equipped to execute and achieve your desired outcomes. The power of clarity cannot be underestimated, and we work diligently to ensure our clients have a strong foundation for success.

Here are the types of sessions we facilitate:

  • Annual strategy sessions: A comprehensive review of your company's goals and objectives, with a focus on identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • SWOT analysis sessions: An in-depth analysis of your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Problem-solving sessions: A focused discussion to help you tackle specific challenges or roadblocks within your business.
  • Innovation and ideation sessions: A creative brainstorming session designed to generate new ideas and approaches for your business.
  • Team alignment sessions: A collaborative session to ensure all team members are aligned around a common vision and strategy.
  • Scenario planning sessions: An exercise in anticipating and preparing for various potential future scenarios that could impact your business.
  • Competitive analysis sessions: A review of your competition, including their strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning, in order to inform your own strategic planning.
  • Market research sessions: A deep dive into your target market and customer needs, to help guide your product or service development and marketing efforts.
  • Vision and mission statement sessions: A collaborative session to help define or refine your company's overall vision and mission, which can serve as a guiding force for future strategy.
  • Marketing strategy sessions: A focused discussion to help develop or refine your overall marketing strategy, including branding, messaging, and tactics.
  • Sales strategy sessions: An in-depth review of your sales process and tactics, with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement and increased revenue.
  • Talent management sessions: A session to review your talent management strategy, including recruiting, retention, and professional development.
  • Risk management sessions: A discussion of potential risks and opportunities for your business, and strategies to mitigate or capitalize on them.
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Featured case study


Service: Professional Services

In 2022, the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Northern California faced a challenge of helping their members to enhance their career opportunities and boost project efficiency.


To address this, PMI engaged Don Markland, an experienced project management expert, to facilitate a workshop on how to influence and accelerate project delivery. The session brought together more than 40 participants, comprising project managers and other professionals in the industry. Don Markland shared practical strategies and techniques for improving project management skills, developing leadership qualities, and creating a culture of collaboration and accountability.


The workshop had a significant impact on the participants, who reported improved confidence and enhanced project management capabilities. Many attendees implemented the strategies learned, resulting in faster project delivery and increased productivity. The feedback received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, and many expressed interest in attending future workshops. Overall, the PMI Northern California's collaboration with Don Markland proved to be an incredible success, providing invaluable insights and tools for professionals looking to excel in their careers and accelerate project completion.

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“It was a truly inspiring and engaging presentation. Don is an incredibly engaging speaker, so despite the subtlety of some of the concepts, he communicated the information in clear, energetic, and entertaining style.

Don has many unique and immediately actionable insights into how to hold yourself and others accountable while motivating yourself and others to success. He also provides methods for managing stress and negative behaviors that can hold you back both personally and professionally.

His techniques and insights are so universally applicable, everyone should take advantage of Don's expertise to improve their business, lifestyle, and mental state. I would highly recommend Don M as a speaker for any professional looking to take their business or lifestyle to the next level.”

Ronald Higginbotham, PMI

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The time to start is now.

Using Accountability Now can help to remove biases and encourage more open and honest communication among team members. We bring an objective perspective and proven methodologies to the table, ensuring that each session is productive and focused. This approach can lead to more effective decision-making, improved collaboration, and a stronger overall strategy.

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