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The Ultimate Secret: Find Your Niche and Watch Your Coaching Practice Scale

Stop struggling to have your coaching practice stand out and uncover the key to unlocking your coaching practice growth in one hour!  With our powerful niche-finding webinar, you'll how to find your niche, create your pitch, and scale your practice!

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Secret #1

Identify Your Undeniable Authority

Your history and experience hold the key to finding your niche - discover how with our webinar

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Secret #2

Name and Build Your Coaching Program

Break down the confusion around "coaching" by naming a building a scalable program.

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Secret #3

Focus Your Message

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the secret to finding a niche

Escape the Coach's Curse: Find Your Niche in an hour

Don't let the frustration and burnout of a generic coaching practice hold you back - our webinar can help you discover your niche and thrive!

  • A clear understanding of what a niche is and why it's essential to the success of your coaching practice.
  • Strategies for identifying your niche based on your unique skills, experience, and values.
  • Tips for communicating your niche effectively to your target audience to attract more clients and increase your revenue.
  • Insight into how to position yourself as an expert in your niche and stand out from your competition.
  • Guidance on how to create a marketing plan tailored to your niche that will help you reach and connect with your ideal clients.


Stop Struggling and Start Thriving

Find Your Niche And Take Your Coaching Practice To The Next Level With Our One Hour Webinar

Finding your niche is the great secret that you may never have learned in coaching practitioner school, but it's the #1 reason why coaches fail. Without a clear niche, it's challenging to stand out from the competition, connect with your ideal clients, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. By attending our webinar, you'll discover how to find your niche and unlock the full potential of your coaching practice.

You should attend this free webinar if you are:

  • ​a Coach who are struggling to attract and retain clients.
  • ​​a Coach who want to stand out from the competition and establish themselves as an expert in their field.
  • ​​a Coach who want to increase their revenue and grow their business.
  • ​​a Coach who are looking for guidance on how to market themselves effectively.
  • ​​a Coach who want to learn how to leverage their unique skills and experience to build a successful coaching practice.

You should NOT attend this free webinar if you are:

  • ​a Coach who is not interested in growing their business or increasing their revenue.
  • ​a Coach who is not willing to put in the effort required to establish themselves as an expert in their field.
  • ​a Coach who is not interested in marketing or developing a marketing plan.
  • ​a Coaches who is not interested in learning new strategies to improve their coaching practice.

About the Host

Don Markland is the CEO and owner of Accountability Now™, a top-ranked Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company located in Jacksonville, Florida. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, leadership, and business growth, Don is a frequent contributor to major publications such as Forbes, LDS Living, and He has been ranked as the #1 Business Coach in Florida and the #1 Online Trainer in the US by, and his current practice has been ranked in the Top 10 by Yahoo and Forbes. In 2022, Accountability Now was named one of the Top 5 "Best in Business" Management Consulting companies by

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Hours of Content


Coaches Served


6-Figure Coaches in 2022


90% of Coach's NEVER make more than $30,000 a year



Find Your Niche Once

Once and for all, solve the problem that's been escaping you and your practice. Find your niche in 3-easy steps.


Design a Coaching Program

The easiest way to sell coaching is to create a program people can understand and follow. We teach you how!


Simplify How You Sell

Rather than long scripts and silly gimmicks, use our symple 1-2 Sales System for selling coaching the easy way.


Use Technology

Use technology to make it all SO MUCH easier. We should you how to get the right pieces in place to automate your practice.


The #1 Thing you practice needs

Niche = growth

Over 75% of coaches never find their niche and struggle every day with these challenges:

  • I don't know where or how to find clients
  • I lack focus as to what I should be working on every day
  • I don't know what I should be posting on Social Media every day
  • I know I'm a good Coach if people could just find me

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Worth Every Cent

"I'm a leading finance & business coach and my practice grows thanks to the excellent guidance of Don who continues to help above and beyond with my practice. This is a great Academy and program. I highly recommend it. I'm glad I became a member. Worth every cent."

Stephen Hughes



Don is an amazing "REAL" person. He tells it like it is, which is exactly what every coach needs!! With his guidance and truth, he has helped me tremendously in gaining the confidence to market my business and sign up clients. Well worth the $ !!!!! I love this Academy because the value is real and designed only for coaches. Wow.

Roslyn King


This program is "RIGHT ON"

His approach to growing a coaching business is right on. I would recommend this to anyone whether they are just getting into coaching or experienced and need an infusion of great material.

Joe Feldman

here is why we are the #1 ranked online trainer from

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