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Email Playbook: 3 Dynamic Tools to Dominate the Space

Marketing plays a key role in the growth and flourishing of any industry. Every successful business is a result of good, efficient marketing.

With growth of management and marketing segment varied forms of marketing have emerged. The arrival of internet changed the game massively. Dynamics of marketing evolved by leaps and bounds. However the internet gave us one of the most efficient modes of marketing: Email. This format revolutionized the mileage and reach of campaigns and made marketing so cheap that even today, amidst continual regulation at both the state and federal levels, this vehicle remains one of the most entrusted and reliable source of marketing. 74% of consumers prefer to get product or service options via email. Though it is often misunderstood, email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing is of pro-efficient importance to businesses who aspire to spread their reign, attract and nurture new leads, and maintain connection with current customers. Further, with the cost of entry so cheap, email marketing investments have been shown to generate returns north of 4300%.

The trouble is many are overwhelmed by the sheer complexities of setting up email marketing not to mention creating the right program. Here we are reviewing three major players who can do email marketing to aid the small business owner or entrepreneur to get moving quickly.

1. SendInBlue

About SendInBlue

SendInBlue started as a digital agency in 2012 and tailored mostly to small businesses and today has evolved as one of the best players of the game. From pricing to features to support everything is lucidly designed keeping the original small business customers in mind thus making it a very approachable agency? Also this is one of the most economic Email Marketing Service Provider (ESP).

Pros of SendInBlue:

• Neatly designed interface.

• Beginner – friendly software.

• One of the most affordable ESP.

• SendInBlue includes automation feature in free plan.

Cons of SendInBlue:

• Limit of only 300 mails/ day under the free plan.

• No landing page builder.

Pricing Plans of SendInBlue:

  • Free = $0/month { 300 mails / day }

  • Lite =$25/month { 40,000 mails / month }

  • Essential = $39/month {60,000 mails / month }

  • Premium = $66/month { 1,20,000 mails / month }

  • Enterprise = Custom

2. MailChimp

Started in 2001, MailChimp is one of the most used ESP. it is highly popular in the market because of its forever free plan which is indeed its unique selling point. Crafted for users from all walks of business this platform has a unique appealing feature of its own kind to cater to everyone who needs it. MailChimp is so clear at its business policy that when they say of the forever free plan, they don’t even ask you for your credit card details or stuff because it genuinely is absolutely free with no catch now, no catch ever.

Pros of MailChimp:

  • The forever free plan is an absolutely vibrant option for the email marketing beginners

  • Super fast setup

  • Friendly user interface

  • Fantastic predesigned email templates

  • Powerful segmentation and testing capabilities

  • Easy to use

  • Forever free plan allowing to send 12000 mails to 2000 subscribers for free

Cons of MailChimp:

  • No phone or chat support. Costumer support is strictly restricted to emails

  • Confusing price structure

  • No access to send time optimization and advanced segmentation in forever free plan.

Pricing of MailChimp:

MailChimp offers three plans. The free plan is the forever free plan which comes with some terms and conditions. The paid plans are send based meaning you are charged as you go mailing and other is list based which is a monthly consumption based pricing.

3. eSputnik:

eSputnik is a Ukraine based marketing company that has years of experience working as IT consultants and marketers for multiple companies under formats of email marketing and SMS marketing. The company has a pretty decent customer oriented policy and caters beautifully to the needs of the market via its flexibility in action. eSputnik helps you setup campaigns at multiple layers like via text messaging, email, web push, messengers and multiple other quick extensions. With email editor it facilitates to you the ability to build scenarios which enable you to decide when, to whom, where and under what condition to send a specific deal of content. Another unique potion where eSputnik stands out is it doesn’t distinguish between its basic and pro users. The company adheres to making professional email marketing easy and affordable. eSputnik has a gracefully crafted free plan however its prices are also quite reasonable and can be recovered pretty easily.

Pros of eSputnik:

  • The free plan is loaded with features for beginners and advanced users alike

  • Advanced segmentation option

  • Cheaper as compared to many other ESPs in the market

  • Ability to manage multiple channels of marketing on one single system.

Cons of eSputnik:

• Fewer integrations than those on other ESPs.

Pricing of eSputnik:

• Varies from free, $1.99 / mo. Up to $599 / mo.

These are three prominent platforms to acquaint to you the best means to usher in to a new age of your business growth via email marketing. Always remember a good proposal can sell dirt but marketing is the key. Have a costumer friendly policy, be approachable, and have a quality products Remember, your client is a stakeholder of your success: always keep them happy and you will flourish.

Keep marketing, keep succeeding

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