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Magic 2019: The Best Year Ever with 3 Step Formula

Tired of every year being the same? Make 2019 the Best Year Ever with this simple formula.

Who isn’t ready to start 2019 right? Why is it that many people start with resolutions but never finish them?

Who isn’t sick and tired of starting the year and wondering

“How is next year going to be any better?”

There are piles of research that suggests most yearly goals don’t make it past February.

With everything stacked against you, how do you beat it? How do you make 2019 The Best Year Ever? Simple, follow why works for others and stay at it. Here is there formula:

The magic formula for making 2019 The Best Year Ever:

1. Invest in Yourself with Both Time and Money

The most successful people take time and resources and invest in themselves every year. The word invest means “devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.” It isn’t about writing things down and hoping it gets better. It is about putting energy and effort towards something expecting an improved outcome.

The most successful people invest in themselves every year. More importantly, they don’t just talk about it, but they prioritize and do it. The highest paid actors still have acting coaches; the best Broadway performers still have singing coaches; the best athletes still train every day. Why don’t you? Are you better than them?

Start right now and plan how you are going to invest in yourself in 2019.

How can you invest in yourself intellectually? Could you get an Audible.com membership and listen to books on your way to work? Did you realize if you read 20 books on a subject, you are an expert? Well, looking at the top 20 leadership books on Audible, that is 195 hours. If you listen to thirty minutes a day, you’d be an expert on leadership by the end of 2019. Imagine if you did that for Entrepreneurship, or SEO, or parenting, or teaching, or Sales?How can you invest in yourself physically? Why don’t you get up 30 minutes earlier every day just to get 20 minutes of heart rate work in? Start with a simple three sets of 25 / 25 / 25 / 25 (25 jumping jacks, 25 pushups, 25 squats / 25 sit-ups) to get that heart rate pumping in the morning. Just push your heart rate for now. Every day. Then start to invest. Sign up for the marathon. Invest in training. Push yourself.

How can you invest in yourself emotionally? Why don’t you take a trip with a loved one? Looking online, you can find great getaways for reasonable prices. Experiences build connections that last forever. Plan and create an experience together. If the budget is tight, then create an experience together. Invest in the relationship through experiences. Plan it out.

2. Choose to do something uncomfortable every week

David Goggins says in his new biography, Can’t Hurt Me:

“Growth only comes from friction.”

To make 2019 the best year ever, you’ve got to decide right how you will create the friction in your life in order for you to grow. True, there will be plenty of hurdles and challenges that come on there own (there is no doubt about that). But this is about how to make the best year ever! Plan with purpose! Decide what things make you uncomfortable and start to push yourself every single week.

Some ideas to get you started:

If you say “I’m not a morning person,” Get up thirty minutes-to-one hour earlier every day to write down your goals, plan your day, and work outIf you say “I hate working out,” join a High Fitness Group, Cycling Group, or Running Group so that you work out strenuously at least twice a week with a teamIf you say “I hate computers,” using YouTube or another online source, become Excel certified by June (middle schoolers can do this in three months so you can too)If you say “I hate social activities“, organize an after work social get together. Do this in April celebrating the first quarter results. You welcome everyone and be sure to invite at least 10 outside guests.

3. Demonstrate Daily Gratitudes

Start your day by showing gratitude to someone else. With the use of technology you can send a simple email message to someone either at work, church, professional network, or even social circle that simply thanks them for anything. It is as simple as that. Remember to be genuine, straightforward, and don’t make it complicated.

For example, your note could be:

Hey Robert, I got up this morning and just wanted to say thanks for your help last week on the project. Solid work.


That’s it. When you are over the top and flowery with your language, it can come across as insincere. Keep it simple.

Arthur C. Brooks, rebound economist who studied the links between charitable giving and happiness, said,

“You simply can’t find any kind of service that won’t make you happier.”

By starting each day with an act of genuine kindness and gratitude, you are igniting a happiness segment of your brain which will, in turn, make you more creative, alert, and effective every day. It will make you happier which is our ultimate goal of making 2019 the Best Year Ever.

By next year, have 365 gratitude notes to your credit and watch how much better your year feel

4. The Last Step: Write It Down and Make It Visible

A goal isn’t a goal unless it’s written down. So, the final step is to write it down in a planner, or on a post-it and stick it to your bathroom mirror. Use one of the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Sheets and get started. Stare at your goals every day.

By investing in yourself, doing something uncomfortable every week, and showing daily gratitude, you will without a doubt have the Best Year You’ve ever had.

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